Fat Hen is a culinary exploration of our edible landscape and a communion between people, food and nature.


…in the wilds of West Cornwall


in our bespoke cookery school


communally on the fruits of your labour

“One of the best culinary experiences I ever had was in Cornwall with @FatHenForager” - Xanthe Clay, The Telegraph


Fat Hen was established in 2007, by Caroline Davey, and has been an evolving project with its central aim of breaking down the barriers between the kitchen, the outdoors and the dining table. Caroline works alongside talented chefs to create fabulous dishes showcasing ingredients sourced from the wild.

Fat Hen has been chosen as one of the top ten best foraging courses in the UK by Countryfile Magazine and has been chosen by the Telegraph as one of 10 incredible holidays that offer a true taste of a destination. The National Cookery School Guide has also chosen Fat Hen in its top 50 cookery schools in the UK.

Fat Hen is also the vernacular name for (Chenopodium album). Fat Hen was once an important staple crop 2,000 years ago, with the leaves being used like spinach and the seeds providing a nutritious grain. It is still cultivated in northern regions of India but treated like a weed nearly everywhere else. Fat Hen is one of many wild greens we use on our cookery courses.

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