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Change your career and open up a new revenue stream!

The current pandemic has made us all evaluate our priorities. For many - that means changing the way we work and live our lives. This is one great positive to come from a challenging situation for all.

Aside from many actively pursuing ways to increase health and wellbeing, many of you are also choosing to expand your skillsets and re-considering your careers and what paths you want to take.

Our training is fully certified and limited to 4 students for each course due to the current restrictions and social distance is a priority. Strict measures are in place to ensure your safety.

If you wish to book both separately I can accommodate new or preferred dates -The Reiki 1st Degree is set at £295 and 2nd Degree is set at £325.


We invite you to join us in our home-based studio in Cheltenham, UK where you will experience complete relaxation, inner peace and freedom of your innermost being. Using nurturing yoga, holistic therapies and natural treatments our aim is to re-balance the body and soul and nurture your greatest gift – your health. We also offer a wide range of holistic experiences to nurture and restore your health and wellbeing from Reiki courses in Cheltenham, certified Reiki training in Cheltenham, holistic massage, Indian Head massage, spiritual cleansing, online yoga classes, 1-1 yoga classes, yoga therapy, Fitness yoga, hot yoga classes, certified Reiki Training, Master level Reiki healing treatments, distance Reiki healing, healing attunements and Narcissistic Healing Recovery mentoring in person or via Zoom - and much more.


Yoga with a unique universal twist...Illuminate your yoga practice and prepare to experience the ultimate soul stretching adventure..

Our yoga courses and classes are located in Cheltenham and enable you to restore wellbeing, balance, fitness, build strength, flexibility and, homeostasis in your entire energetic system and inner peace. Check out or book our regular hot yoga classes. If you miss booking the course, we do accept book ins, if space is available.

We also offer Online Yoga for all those that wish to practise in the comfort of their own homes. Our Online Yoga subscription is a low cost, great value way to ensure you are safeguarding your fitness and wellbeing. This offers an incredible 8 private online classes per month in our exclusive and private Home Sanctuary Group. Alongside this we also include distant Reiki healing to cleanse and restore your energy in these classes - for just £24.99 a month. No contracts and no hidden fees. To sign up and join our Online Home Sanctuary today please visit our Online Yoga page.

Healing Attunements

Heal Narcissistic Abuse

Holistic Therapy


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Sat/Sun treatments on request